Nicholas Leshley

    Owner, Certified Massage Therapist

    Nic’s approach to the therapeutic body, mind and soul is unparalleled in the holistic community. He has experience in helping his clients with many debilitating symptomatic syndromes and disorders. Nic has taught massage to many students since 2004. He has completed continuing education trainings in Thai Massage, Craniosacral Therapy, Raindrop Therapy, Reflexology, Myofacial Release and Landmark Education.

        Stefanie Nettke

        Certified Massage Therapist

        I am passionate about helping people find rejuvenation and renewal amidst the stresses of life and relief from the pains that show up in their bodies because of that stress.
        My bodywork style is geared toward your needs in a nurturing and holistic way. With over 5 years’ experience, my honed skills and intuitive touch help powerfully unwind the unique tension in your body, while helping your mind and spirit deeply rest into the re-set you need.
        I have been a licensed, certified massage therapist since 2012. I’m trained in various modalities of therapeutic massage and bodywork including neuromuscular and trigger point therapy, reflexology and pre-natal massage.
        When I’m not massaging, I love spending time with my bunnies, biking and yoga.
        Come see me to let your stress fade away!!!

            Michael Johnson

            Certified Massage Therapist

            In the process of healing and awakening to compassion I found myself moved to learn and practice massage therapy. Beginning my practice at Irene’s Myomassology Institute awoke a new passion in me. Through integrating mindfulness and bodywork and drawing from such modalities as myofascial release, reiki, shiatsu, reflexology and a host of other techniques, each session I offer is intuitive and fresh. If you’re suffering chronic pain or seeking help in correcting postural dysfunction, I offer therapeutic massage and deep tissue work. If you’re feeling swayed by day to day life and looking to come back into balance, I offer relaxation and a healing touch to instill peace and wholeness.

                Kelli Gray

                Certified Massage Therapist

                I truly believe that the body has an innate wisdom to heal itself – your body wants to work for you but sometimes there is a disconnection or dis-ease stored in the body. I graduated from Irene’s Myomassology Institute in 2015 and studied with the Arvigo Institute in 2016 to bring this work that has been so helpful in my own healing to my clients. My massage style is about listening to the body, using intentional strokes and therapeutic modalities to hold a safe and sacred space for your healing work. The Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy® are external and non-invasive, done on the abdominal area and low back. Our goal with this work is to manually reposition reproductive organs, improve blood flow to digestive organs, and encourage unrestricted flow of lymph and energy. I offer the Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy® to men, women and children and so look forward to giving you another tool to guide your body through healing.

                    Patricia Roach

                    Certified Teacher of Qigong, Reiki and Pranic Healing Practitioner, Group Facilitator

                    Patricia is a level 3 certified Reiki practitioner and an Advanced, Psychotherapy and Crystal Pranic Healer. She is also certified in a 10 Step Postural Qigong sequence originating from the Beijing School of Yi Chuan and has taught classes in Tai Chi ~ Chi Flow (a fused system of Tai Chi Chuan and Qigong Healing which emphasizes Chi flow for wellness and healing.)

                    Patricia is passionately interested in the evolution of consciousness and has been exploring, studying and practicing various energetic and spiritual techniques and subjects for many years. She facilitates a “Conscious Conversation” discussion group at RHA for purposes of bringing together like-minded people and to provide a forum for discussion and exploration of topics related to energy, consciousness, spirituality, self-improvement, metaphysics, and beyond.

                    Patricia also facilitates “Spiritually Speaking”, a monthly meet-up type group established for purposes of disseminating and discussing inspired information she receives regarding “Imagining Your New World Into Being”.

                        Celeste Pichette

                        Reiki and Pranic Healing Practitioner

                        Celeste has been a practitioner of Reiki since 2003 and recently began her Pranic Healing work. Her daily self-practice routine provides her with a deep sense of spiritually grounded awareness and an ever-present connection to her authentic self. This is the foundation she uses to share her gifts as tools for healthy living and spiritual growth. Her dream is to share her unique energy work with those in the entertainment industry to raise the consciousness of the planet.

                        Through her treatments she has had the joy and pleasure of serving a myriad of individuals including corporate executives, cancer patients, musicians, nurses, moms, dads, and kids.

                        Celeste is the author of Conscious Choices: What I CHOOSE to BE as I Create Me. Join her community and learn more @BeingUsingDivinity on Facebook. Her book is available for purchase at RHA.

                            Alexandria D’Ascenzo

                            Intuitive Tarot Card Reader

                            Born with an increased intuitive awareness, Alexandria has been a practicing psychic since 1999. After attending a University for Psychology in 1994, she began seeking a more spiritual and inspirational way to help people find the answers they were looking for. She traveled throughout North America and was taught techniques that had been passed down through generations of psychics. Feeling a powerful connection to card reading, Alexandria began incorporating cards to provide additional focus to her intuitive counseling. She uses Tarot, Runes, mediumship, and other methods in addition to her intuitive and psychic abilities to answer questions, improve clarity, and provide guidance about the past, present, and future.

                                Kathleen Fallon

                                Office Manager, Reiki Energy Medicine, Chakra Healing

                                Kathleen has been involved in the ‘alternative world’ for over 40 years. That includes home births and practicing midwifery for several years, and becoming a Reiki Master among many other ventures. She has a lot of life experience (including raising 6 kids) and still loves life with a passion! Another passion of Kathleen’s is health and living a healthy lifestyle. She would love to expand as a life coach for people trying to make healthy changes.
                                Kathleen’s face will be on the other end of the phone when you call and the one that will greet you with a smile when you come to enjoy some of life’s greatest pleasures!

                                    Patti Mendoza


                                    Patti has been in the beauty business for 20 plus years! She has worked for herself as well as at 5 star resorts(including Maui and Kauai). Making people look good as well as feel amazing is at the top of her list!

                                        Stefanie Kullmann

                                        Certified Massage Therapist

                                        Stefanie is licensed to practice massage therapy in Michigan and holds Board certification by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork. She blends therapeutic massage with deep tissue and lighter touch strokes to give your body just what it needs for you to relax, rejuvenate and to address pain and injury.

                                        If you wish to take part in some relaxing Thai Yoga Massage, venture into the experience of CranioSacral Therapy, or wish for some Reiki healing, Stefanie gladly offers her experience and wisdom in all of these modalities.

                                            Mary Ann Ruddy

                                            Certified Massage Therapist and Reiki Practitioner

                                            Mary Ann has worked in the traditional medical field for several years, but has always been more interested in holistic Mind/Body/Spiritual approaches to health and wellness.

                                            She was drawn to Reiki in 2009 to help her mother alleviate symptoms from chemotherapy, and completed the Master Practitioner Level in 2012. Mary Ann feels that her purpose is to spread the word about Reiki to others, along with using the powerful healing techniques of touch through Massage Therapy.

                                            She enjoys helping others decrease their stress and pain and increase health and well being through the practice of Reiki and massage modalities including Swedish, deep tissue, trigger point/neuromuscular techniques, myofascial release, and prenatal massage.

                                            She loves reading and studying about the Mind/Body connection, along with raising her consciousness through spiritual studies and practices.

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