Celeste Pichette

Well Being Practitioner specializing in Reiki and Pranic Healing, Author, and creator of Essential Oil
Celeste has been a practitioner of Reiki since 2003 and began incorporating Pranic Healing and
aromatherapy into her sessions in 2016. Her daily self-practice routine provides her with a deep sense of spiritually grounded awareness and an ever-present connection to her authentic self. This is the
foundation she uses to share her gifts as tools for healthy living and spiritual growth.
She humbly and compassionately supports clients in releasing negative thoughts and emotions while
finding the courage to embrace more of who they are. The desire for wholeness and well-being is a
consistent intention Celeste sees with her clients. Through her treatments she has had the joy and
pleasure of serving a myriad of individuals including corporate executives, cancer patients, musicians,
nurses, healers, veterans, teachers, students, parents, and kids. Celeste refers to her healing sessions as a massage for the soul.
Her dream is to share her unique energy work with those in the entertainment industry to raise the
consciousness of the planet.
Celeste is also the author of Conscious Choices: What I CHOOSE to BE as I Create Me, and the creator of Be a BUD Healthcare blends and calming and balancing products made with essential oils. Her book and essential oil products are available for purchase at RHA.
You can join her community and learn more at Being Using Divinity on Facebook. The print version of
her book is also available at Amazon and the ebook version is available at Smashwords and other e-
reader platforms like Barnes and Noble, Apple, and Overdrive.