Emotional Release

Emotional Release with Therapeutic Oils.essentialoils

Experience the powerful healing properties of Young Living essential oils.  Throughout the years we have been working solely on the physical pain that many clients have experienced.  What I have found is that my clients with chronic pain were getting better with therapy but for some, it has been a slow process.  I have been working with the essential oils in the same way; using them to treat pain, lymphatic systems and more.  This is all good and a necessary part of therapy.   So, how can we help our clients overcome conditions more quickly?   In part, by releasing emotional patterns with the use of essential oils. This unique treatment works a specific oil(s) in the correct area of the body to promote a release or a breaking of habitual feeling patterns that we all struggle with at some level. Try this treatment along with a therapeutic massage or a craniosacral therapy appointment.


30 minute consultation: $20

Initial treatment – 50 minutes: $75



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