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There are so many ways we as people can find different modalities in self health care to better our physical body.  At Rochester Holistic Arts we offer a lot of possibilities to help relieve stress, muscle tension, stomach issues, and Detox to name just a few. I would like to share some information I learnedLearn more

Your Health Journey

Hi, my name is Mary Kay Haines, and I am here at Rochester Holistic Arts to assist you on your health journey.  After spending several decades as a Registered Dental Hygienist, I became frustrated listening to patients who take more medications every year and still suffer from weight gain, food sensitivities, hormone fluctuations, slow memoryLearn more


Cupping is the suction that grabs onto stubborn knots on the muscles giving some relief to the areas. If you’re not a fan of deep tissue massage but have tough stubborn muscles this is perfect for you! Cupping also helps promote new blood flow and helps loosen fascia.

A Gift of Clarity For The New Year: The Twelve Card Alchemy Reading

Some gifts come wrapped and tied up with a ribbon, while others are intangible and longer-lasting. A Twelve Card Alchemy Reading could help you find that gift. First you have to be open to what secrets you may unlock. Choosing someone for guidance on your journey is a special and personal decision and it is whyLearn more


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