How To Heal Your Gut Naturally Using The 4 R’S

By Mary Kay Haines What do food sensitivities, rheumatoid arthritis, and anxiety all have in common? They have all been associated with poor gut health due to poor diet, excess stress as well as many other factors that can negatively affect good digestive function. Over 80% of the immune system is located in the gut. Learn more

Finding The Mentor

By Yvonne We are all on a journey of self improvement and we are here to help each other out. May is a great month to tap into that maternal instinct that everyone has within them. Every successful person in the world wether they’re an entrepreneur, an athlete, or a musician all had great mentorsLearn more

Why Supplements May Not Work

By Mary Kay Haines If you’ve been stuck in a healing journey for a long time or when supplements don’t seem to work, you are reading the right article. If you’ve heard before that health starts at the cellular level, it actually starts at the mitochondrial level.  So, what are mitochondria? Mitochondria can also beLearn more

The Pragmatic Benefits of a Reiki Session

By Celeste Pichette, RHA Therapist Receiving a Reiki session is a helpful tool to have in your holistic well-being toolkit.I would often be asked the simple question, “What is Reiki?” and I’d launch into thisexplanation:Reiki is a relaxing hands-on energy practice that promotes balance on all levels.The subtle Reiki vibrations pass through the hands ofLearn more


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