Why Supplements May Not Work

By Mary Kay Haines

If you’ve been stuck in a healing journey for a long time or when supplements don’t seem to work, you are reading the right article.

If you’ve heard before that health starts at the cellular level, it actually starts at the mitochondrial level. 

So, what are mitochondria? Mitochondria can also be called the battery pack of the cell.  We know how important battery power is when you think about your cell phone. 

Below is a picture of the mitochondria, it even looks like a battery somewhat. 

To understand why mitochondria are so important, here are a few facts: 

All cells in our body except red blood cells have mitochondria. To put that in perspective, a person who is approximately 150 lbs has 30 trillion cells of which about 25 trillion are red blood cells and this leaves about 5 trillion that have mitochondria. Included are organ/tissue cells for example in skin, hair, eyes, muscles, liver, kidneys, intestinal tract, brain, etc. We know that these are all different kinds of cells but what they ALL have in common is the mitochondria.

The eyes/brain/heart have about 10,00 mitochondria per cell and the liver has approximately 2000 mitochondria per cell.  This can roughly mean we have approximately 10 quadrillion mitochondria in the body. 

Mitochondria are the foundation all health, and they have 2 modes. 

The first mode is energy production or ATP (f you remember back in biology) but the second mode was discovered in 2013/2014 and is called the cell danger response. 

The cell danger response is groundbreaking research because since mitochondria were discovered, we thought they were only for energy production. Now we understand that when you suffer from infection, injury, toxins, pollution or trauma, the mitochondria go into a lockdown mode. 

If the cell danger response and mitochondria are not functioning, then organs don’t’ work.  This may be the case if you suffer from brain fog, digestive issues or even chronic fatigue and only have 20 % of the mitochondrial working.  This depletion affects every cell that has mitochondria and if depleted, can make our health bottom out globally. 

Healthy mitochondria have a full battery charge, and the first goal is to get the energy and nutrients into all cells.  One of the best mitochondrial supplements I found that actually work are from Cell Core Biosciences. Their Comprehensive protocol delivers nutrient and information to the cells. It can get through the lockdown mode and calm the body down so it can start healing. It will detox the mitochondria and provide it with carbon, hydrogen and oxygen which are the building blocks of the cell.  

Help starts here if you’ve been in cell danger response for a very long time.  I could go and on but if you are questioning your own health, please don’t hesitate to schedule a discovery call with me at www.natwellsolutins.com.  I would love to explain this in more detail and most importantly get you to feel better and enjoy every day!  Your friend and wellness coach, Mary Kay Haines 


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