Relax and Heal with an Infrared Sauna

You may have already heard about infrared saunas, which have become very popular in coastal cities and everywhere in between, but you may not know what an infrared sauna is, or what the benefits are.

An infrared sauna differs from a traditional sauna because of how they are heated. An infrared sauna uses infrared light to heat up your body, rather than the air around it. Infrared saunas are much more bearable to those who are sensitive to heat as they are usually 20-40 degrees lower in ambient temperature than a traditional sauna.

Infrared saunas have many touted benefits and several short term studies show that those benefits may have some substance. A Finnish study concluded that men who visited the sauna frequently had lower blood pressure, fewer instances of dementia, and lived longer.  Other studies show that saunas can strengthen your cardiovascular system, relieve pain, and reduce headaches. Plus, spending time in the sauna during a freezing winter or chilly spring feels great.

If you decide to try out an infrared sauna you can wear whatever makes you comfortable, whether a bathing suit or birthday suit. You should make sure to drink lots of water, as you will be sweating, and it’s important to rehydrate. While it is cooler than traditional saunas, you should always make sure to start low and slow. 15 minutes a few times a week, and then build up from there. When your session finishes, you should make sure to stand up slowly so you don’t get dizzy.

When your session is over, you should feel super cozy and relaxed. After a session or two you might notice that you are less sore for less time after workouts, or have less body pain in general. What are you waiting for? Schedule your sauna at Rochester Healing Arts today.

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