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Healing me, Healing you

What does healing mean to you, what’s there to heal, does healing imply wrongness? How can bodywork and massage help to live a wholesome productive life with depth and ease?
In this short blog I want to express a few basic concepts to healing work in hope of giving a sense of truth, honesty and possibility that is healing work, help to connect with all the abundance and potential available to you and within you, while introducing the avenue of massage therapy as a path to embodying your dreams and changing your relationships, beliefs and life.
Let’s look into healing a little bit together, right here – healing is a word, it’s a concept in your mind so there is absolutely no judgment or wrongness on anyone’s behalf, but rather it can be seen as a willingness to make a correction or change of one’s value system. Regardless of religious belief healing is in the eye of the beholder, so to speak. It’s your very own perception of yourself, relationships, emotions, thoughts and your life and purpose. Healing is an inner shift from a place of disharmony/ an experience that has become dis-satisfactory over time, or a place of disconnection in some aspect – towards a wholesome and connected, purposeful state. It’s bridging a gap, reflecting deeply and recognizing your primal wound and tracing it back to the root. For me the most interesting part about healing work is that it’s completely alive, you as a person are on a journey and the journey is happening by itself, what an absolute joy!
“Because you’re alive, everything is possible.” Thich Nhat Hanh
So perhaps this is a great launching point into the inner work of healing is examining your belief system, why you hold the beliefs that you do, how are they serving you and are they controlling your freedom? If human needs are the stimuli for action, and feelings promote those needs, can you see that negative feelings, are at the root a belief you’re holding based on previous experiences? The unconscious mind is the storehouse of all these past memories, it stores even the memories of your ancestry and beyond. Scientists researching the topic refer to the unconscious mind as “cellular memory” and what’s interesting is that in the past several years it was believed that all experience was happening in the brain and this cellular memory was simply a functioning of the brain, but leading research is showing that cellular memory is found throughout the whole body and all its systems, which shows it to be a much more interdependent model. Unprocessed memories are stored in your body or “unconscious mind” and are relayed to the brain through the spinal cord. So, the central nervous system is like the highway to healing, it is the communication system that bridges the “inner” and “outer” world.
Healing actually points to potential, and where is this potential when your world feels frozen solid. Sometimes life feels like you’re drawing the past into the future and feeling more distant from this very present moment, distant from living a meaningful life with freedom, joy and purpose. This isn’t life, this is just a perception of life, a thought you have in your mind about life, and knowing that alone is enough to awaken your inner world for transformation, just a little beginners mind, a little unknowing mind can be very fertile soil.
“Great is the matter of birth and death, All is impermanent, quickly passing – Awake! Awake, each one! Don’t waste this life!”
Bodywork/ massage in the frame of a communication is true potential. The ability of the healer is to intuitively sense what’s alive in the room and in the client, and connect with where they’re at, free of attachment. When you lay down onto a table to receive bodywork it’s as if in that moment of vulnerability you come to a full stop and silently pronounce to the universe, I surrender, let thy will be done! The skill of a healer is the trust and confidence to intuitively respond “may it be so” and the great path starts there in that very moment.
There can only be so many words put to the subject without losing its essence, how can something so essential be communicated? …Rather it’s all just the finger pointing at the moon.
Many blessings and light on the path,
Michael Johnson, LMT

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