Think About It

(brought to you by Patricia)



Harmony – there are many forms or applications. Always, being in harmony is beneficial. It is freeing. It is peaceful. It feels good.

Look at yourself, your relationships and your life situation and notice where you are not in harmony. Are your body, mind and spirit complexes in harmony with each other? Are you in harmony with nature and with your human nature? Are you in harmony with your spouse, family or other loved ones? Are you doing work that harmonizes with your inner being?

If, in any of these situations, the answer is “no”, then ask yourself “why not”? Is harmony not what you desire? If so, and there are areas not in harmony, how can you create it? What can you change about
yourself to achieve greater harmony?

It is always about yourself, you know. That is where you have the greatest power. That is where you can make the greatest strides. That is where you have all you need to “create”.

Do you need to change that which you put into your body? You can do this. Do you need to change the movement of your body to create harmony? You can do this. Do you need to change your attitude, your thinking, your self-talk or your beliefs? Can you not do these things also?

In your relationships with others, can you change your reactions? Can you change your tendencies to assume the other is trying to hurt you, to always be right, to control you or to manipulate you? Can you change your belief that everything others say or do comes from a place of judgement?

Are these things visited on you by others or have you allowed them, believed them, created them in your thoughts or even caused them by your own actions and reactions?

If you are living a life which is out of harmony with who you really are, change something. Find more meaningful activities, work, relationships or beliefs!

This can be done slowly – little by little – with small but meaningful changes – subtractions or additions. Or it can be done with suddenness – taking great leaps – great risks – great, conscious choices.

Choose according to your nature, but harmony in all things is a natural state and can be achieved – by you!

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