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The Raindrop Technique

The Raindrop Technique utilizes the healing powers of essential oils and massage in the same 90 minute session. This technique was developed by the founder of Young Living essential oils, Gary Young over 20 years ago. The Raindrop Technique is one of the safest noninvasive practices that one can do for their spinal health. The antimicrobial properties of the oils can be used to relieve problems associated with sciatica, scoliosis, kyphosis, and chronic back pain. The undiluted oils are strong enough to penetrate the skin and kill unwanted bacteria. Inflammation due to infectious microorganisms in the spine can be the source of some of these conditions, which is why this technique is so successful.

“The benefits of Raindrop Treatment go well beyond the physical benefits of massage. Indeed, it can help improve every aspect of life, physically, mentally and emotionally, often relieving a variety of issues in a single treatment. Raindrop Treatment can not only help relieve pain and restore immediate physical well-being, but it can set in motion healing processes that will last for weeks or even months.” excerpt from Dr. Leanne Deardeuff


All information comes from personal experience as well as the Essential Oils Desk Reference Fifth Edition compiled by Life Science Publishing. These statements are not approved by the FDA.

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