Finding The Mentor

By Yvonne

We are all on a journey of self improvement and we are here to help each other out. May is a great month to tap into that maternal instinct that everyone has within them. Every successful person in the world wether they’re an entrepreneur, an athlete, or a musician all had great mentors who helped them unlock their potential. Sometimes this person is a Mother, Father, or Mother/Father figure, or here at RHA we have many therapists that can act in such a way and even help you along the way on your health journey. In today’s world mental health is of the utmost importance and having a balanced mind and body are key to unlocking your full potential. Here’s how you can tell whether or not you have a great mentor.

They challenge you

A great mentor always pushes you to be better and never lets you settle for the easiest option. Getting to your goals means putting in the hard work. If you don’t break a sweat, you might need to push yourself more.

They are experienced

Your mentor should have relevant experience and wisdom the can draw upon. This is important because a teacher, a good teacher, is someone who doesn’t just have worldly advice but can also pull from the collective experience weather that is through literature, recipes, music, and the abundance of other ways in which we collect information that works for us.

Is where you want to be

Choose a mentor that shares the same vision of success as you. In regard to a health journey, choose someone that exemplifies where you would like to be.

Is supportive

A great mentor will pick you up when you stumble and fall. It’s OK to try something new and fall short, that doesn’t mean you can’t try again or try a new way.

Is a great listener

Your mentor should be willing to listen to more than just their own opinion. Everyone is different and each situation is unique, and has a unique set of boundaries and ideas.

Is invested in your success

A great mentor is happy to see you succeed and even potentially surpass them. This is important because it is not about competition, it is about lifting each other up.

Guides you toward the answer

Mentors should never just give you the answer, but give you the tools to figure it out yourself. Often times we hold the answers within and when we come to the answers on on own we feel triumphant. 

Provides constructive feedback

Your mentor will praise you when you’re done right and most importantly, help you figure out what went wrong. This is a difficult task but sometimes you need to have difficult conversations to flip the mirror onto yourself to better see your situation.

Respects you

A great mentor should never look down on you and instead see you as their equal. We are all here on Earth doing our best and trying to live our best lives. Respect for each other shows a high level of emotional intelligence. 

Is available

A great mentor should always be available to provide the help and advice you need. 

Self betterment is a journey, whether you are looking to heal your body, or get better at a hobby. The work starts with you and your willingness to open up and share your dreams and desires. Make May the month that you begin your journey of self exploration. Blossom like the flower you are. And who knows, maybe you too have a great mentor waiting inside of you so that you too can help someone in need. Which one are you? The one in need of a mentor? The one mentoring? Or both?

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