Choosing the Best Massage Treatment for You

Choosing a massage treatment can be difficult for those new to massage and enthusiasts alike. There are many options, and it’s hard to know what’s best for any ailment. Here is a short guide to help you choose the best massage for you, and your comfort level.

The Basics

If you are new to massage, or are just looking to release some tension, a Therapeutic Massage can be your go to. With therapeutic massage, you will talk with your Massage Therapist about your problem areas and goals, and they will give you a super relaxing medium pressure massage. You will undress to your comfort, usually down to your skivvies, leave underwear on. And the room will be dim with relaxing music. The Massage Therapist will use essential oils to help you relax, so definitely give them a heads up if you have any allergies or sensitivities. While the Massage Therapist may focus on problem areas, this massage usually covers the back, shoulders, arms, legs, feet, hands, and head.

This massage technique can be in increments from 60 minutes to 2 hours. You can also bring your partner for a couples massage, where you will both receive a relaxing massage in the same room.

Another great relaxation massage is a Hot Stone Massage. This technique uses hot volcanic stones to relax and warm up tight and tired muscles. Great for super tense muscles and athletes. A hot stone massage can be added on to any other massage.


If you need more than relaxation or loosening of sore muscles, Rochester Holistic Arts offers several services for healing. If you have old injuries or pain points, a Repair Session would be an excellent choice. A Repair Session is specifically geared toward pain alleviation. A repair session uses a cream with massage to reduce inflammation and increase blood flow to the afflicted area. If you have joints that are sore, swollen, or stiff, this will help you. RHA recommends a repair session for those with joint conditions, musculoskeletal injuries, sciatica, back pain or carpal tunnel.

If you are experiencing any sort of digestive or reproductive system issues the Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy is a great option. From IBS, Chron’s, fertility trouble, menstrual pain or irregularities, etc. the goal of this gentle technique is to create more proper and uninterrupted flow of blood, nervous system, lymph system and enery/chi in the abdomen. Linked here is a wonderful Huffington Post article on one woman’s experience of this technique and the history of where it comes from.

Plagued by seasonal allergies or cold season? Breathe freely again with a Sinus Relief Treatment. This treatment uses essential oils, pressure, and massage to soothe and release swollen sinuses. It also includes ear candling to clear the ears of debris that make you feel blocked.

When choosing a massage therapy to fit you, use this guide and the advice of the experts at Rochester Healing Arts. Call today for an appointment.

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