Cell to Cell Communication

If you are anything like me, I love to read more about health and staying healthy.  The problem is today we are in information overload: podcasts, webinars, books, articles etc.  We have all this at our fingertips and yet we are more confused and unhealthier as ever. 

It wasn’t long ago when they said we should be on a low-fat diet, then we needed to be on a low carb diet.  Now everyone talks about gluten and how bad it is.  We used to do exercises for the cardiovascular system and now we are supposed to do high intensity interval training.  We were told to eat 6 meals a day and now we should eat less frequent and intermittent fast.  There is also genetic testing and take this supplement and not that one.  Talk about confusing.  

As a practitioner, I have gone to brain seminars and we are told everything depends on good brain function, then I went to a thyroid seminar and we should only care about the thyroid, then on to the next seminar.  You get the idea!  Sometimes we feel we can only know so much about one area of the body and not the whole body.  

The bottom line is that we are one big bag of cells.  Hundreds of trillions of cells!  

The reality is if you have healthy cells, then you have healthy tissues. If you have healthy tissues, then you have healthy organs. 

If you have healthy organs, then you have healthy organ systems (example: immune or respiratory).  

If you have healthy organ systems, then you have a healthy organism (you and me) 

And if you have a healthy population, then you have happier and more productive students, teachers, wives, husbands and employees. 

If you’re not feeling well, the first thing we have to look at are the cells and ask if they are functioning properly? There are only 6 things that cells are made of:  fats, protein, carbohydrates, water, vitamins, and minerals. However, there are 3 things that a cell needs to function as a HEALTHY cell:  

1.  It needs energy.  If it doesn’t have energy, it will not run properly and be dysfunctional. If they are dysfunctional then it affects the tissues. When the tissues are dysfunctional then if affects the organs, the organ system, the organism, and the population will consequently be dysfunctional. 

2. The cells need to be protected. A damaged cell from toxins or heavy metals etc, leads to a dysfunctional cell which affects the tissues, which affects the organs, which affects the organ systems, the organism and population again. 

3. The cell needs the right environment to be functional. It needs, water, cell to cell communication, good acid/base balance and even a purpose in life. If it doesn’t have the right environment, then it makes a dysfunctional cell.  If the cell is dysfunctional then it affects the tissues, the organs, the organ systems, organism ect. I think you get the idea!

My suggestion is finding out what is stopping your cells from functioning.  Why are you still dealing with inflammation, pain, headaches, bloating, gas, etc?  This is where I begin at Natural Wellness Solutions.  We find out together why your cells are not working.  We remove the bad guys that are keeping it from functioning properly so that your cells and your body can heal itself.

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