Touch For Health

Touch For Health

There are so many ways we as people can find different modalities in self health care to better our physical body.  At Rochester Holistic Arts we offer a lot of possibilities to help relieve stress, muscle tension, stomach issues, and Detox to name just a few.

I would like to share some information I learned in a class I took last year and have been using in my practice at RHA as a way to help my clients.  Touch for health has been around since 1964 was developed by Dr John Thie to help his patients provide a practical guide to self care.  I’d like to share a few excerpts from his book Touch for Health.  I have found it to help many of my clients in their journey to better health. 

Increase your Vitality: by improving your energy, balance, posture, attitude, harmony and wellness,

Discover Your Reason for Being: this process of greater awareness on all levels to clarity the process goals and roles in which you naturally thrive.

Consistently Achieve Your Optimum Performance and Personal Best: with vitality and awareness of your purpose, you can focus your efforts for maximum effectiveness, recognizing and celebrating when you are thriving and succeeding in your own unique way.

Enhance Your Healing and Recovery:  Balancing the posture and energy helps to naturally optimize the function of the innate healing system.  Harmonizing energetic , spiritual, mental, emotional and behavioral aspects of your Soul facilitates relief from pain and other symptoms, improve your quality of life and health.

Discover and Develop Your Natural Healing Ability: This will allow you to assist others to feel better and enjoy their lives more ( your natural “healing gift”).  It may simply be the realization that your support and concern are helpful in the lives of your family, friends and communities, or it may lead you to a “calling” to develop your special, inborn aptitude and talent in the healthcare field.

Augment Your Existing Self-Care or Healthcare Practice:  Whatever your personal or professional approach to wellness and illness, TFH adds a dimension and additional resources to enhance your work with gentle, non-invasive alternatives to dangerous or merely palliative treatments.

Find a New Level of Health Control: When facing disease, dysfunction, aches, pains and anxieties due to diagnosed or unexplained conditions, there is always hope for some relief, no matter how serious or mysterious your condition.  TFH is open to miracles, and sometimes the results of a balancing are truly amazing. We can also find encouragement if we focus our attention on the positive and become aware of the subtle improvements.

Once people understand that there is always HOPE, no matter what their age or physical condition, all that is needed is a pair of loving hands to improve the quality of life.

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