Paulette M. Wisnom

Paulette is a nationally certified massage therapist in practice for 14 years specializing in clinical and athletic massage therapy. She enjoys helping people of all ages and backgrounds, including helping new and experienced athletes stay injury free. A strong advocate of exercise as preventative and restorative medicine, she encourages people to make a commitment to their wellness and fitness goals by exercising regularly. She enjoys working to help clients resolve and manage injuries so they can return to their daily activities with improved mobility and less pain. She also enjoys helping clients with various health conditions which can respond well to massage treatment. Paulette started her massage career in Madison, Wisconsin where she worked alongside an acupuncturist in private practice. She later completed an advanced massage practitioner program where she had the opportunity to provide massage therapy for the Detroit Pistons basketball team. This opportunity sparked a serious interest in sport-specific massage so she works to understand the unique demands of individual sports. She also enjoys helping musicians, who have specific concerns regarding how they use their bodies to perform. Paulette’s interest in exercise science builds on her understanding of kinesiology, biomechanics and physiological adaptive processes which help her determine the most effective treatments. Paulette’s treatment approach is comprehensive, using techniques to address and manage pain, dysfunction and stress. She has training in Swedish massage, connective tissue massage (deep tissue), neuromuscular therapy (trigger point), muscle energy techniques, prenatal massage, athletic massage, TMJ treatment and advanced aromatherapy. Some of her massage-related interests include gait disorders, chronic pain management, manual medicine, Eastern medicine and bodywork, nutrition, and corrective exercise. Paulette is Red Cross AED, CPR & First Aid Certified and a member of ABMP (Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals). Paulette’s goal is to change the general perception of massage, by educating the public on how massage can be an adjunct to traditional health care. Paulette was a volunteer at the VA Hospital in Ann Arbor, MI providing massage for veterans with cancer and their families and supporters. She has seen first hand how much massage can positively impact those who are dealing with chronic physical, mental and emotional pain. Paulette’s outside interests include cooking, music, writing, photography, tennis and cycling.